Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"The Regime Must be The One to Exuviate "

That is what the Association of Iranian Writers told in response to Mr. Salehi the cultural deputy of the Ministry of Guidance . According to ISNA news agency ,The cultural deputy of the Ministry of Guidance told to ISNA reporter that;for the Association of Iranian Writers to begin their activities again,it must exuviate. Mr. Salehi is asking the Association and its members to exuviate which means not to fight against censorship. Ministry of Guidance must let the Association to hold its annual AGM .

Since the establishment of the Islamic regime in Iran ,the Association of Iranian Writers was under constant attack. In 1981 the office of the Association was attacked by Islamic fundamentalist mobs and whatever was inside the office were either taken away or destroyed . At the end of 1981 when the members gradually came together to continue their cultural activities and their fight against censorship ,again they came under pressure and threat by regime . The one that began these policy was Kayhan newspaper by writing stories or scenario making and blackmailing against the Association and its members and preparing the situation for security & intelligent forces to persecute the members ,and then the "Seda va Sima ( regimes TV & Radio ) started broadcasting the " Hoviyat" program against the Association and its members. Then came the pressure on those 134 writers who have put their signature under the statement " We are writers" , and then when the ministry of Information planned to send the bus of the writers to the cliff and kill all the writers inside the bus and after all of these the regime decided to assassinate the Iranian writers one by one ........
Therefore,because of all these inhuman activities by the regime , it must be the regime and the ministry of Guidance which needed to exuviate and not the Association of Iranian Writers.
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