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Excerpts from an interview....
Mohammad Reza Pourshajari is a writer and blogger who writes his article with alias name of " Siamak Mehr". He wrote an article titled " Report to Iran's Land " which criticized the regime and Islam. In 2010 the agents of the ministry of information in an assault on his home in the city of Karaj arrested and detained him. He went under intense torture for more than seven months and then in a kangaroo court / Islamic style he was sentenced to four years imprisonment on charges of : Insulting the leader and violation of national security.

Mitra Pourshajari is the daughter of this political prisoner and in an interview with Khodnevis website , she believes her father is being discriminated by human rights organization and media for not reporting about him. On her fathers arrest she said:
It was at 11-12 am of September 13 ,2010 i called my dad and he said he did not sleep last night and he is tired and wants to rest and he pulled out the phone plug to rest , when he didn't call me , i started to get worry and i called my aunt and ...but they said not to worry and when two days passed with no news , my family called police and reported him missing , they broke the lock and entered inside the house , the whole house was in shamble and there was no news from my father. Two days later together with police i entered in the house , everywhere was in shamble and nothing was stollen ,only his computer ,books , his writings and albums were missing . They have assaulted the house in a way that,no neighbor noticed their intrusion . We have reported him missing to the police and started to search for my dad in all prisons and hospitals....
One week later someone called and said my dad is in Sepah's prison in Rejaei Shahr -Karaj city. Then  ministry of information asked me to go to their office and told me to keep quite and not write anything about my father and told me to visit their office twice a week. They asked me to tell to my father for pardon from the leader and....
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