Friday, January 31, 2014

Silent Death , I'm in prison for the past 20 years and no one speaks about me !

Interview by Masih Alinejad the Iranian Journalist living in exile-
Mohammad Nazari is charged for being a member of " Kurdistan Democratic Party" when arrested and had served 20 years in prison and he says ; "i did not participate in any armed struggle against the regime and during my imprisonment ,i wrote many letters to the officials explaining about my innocence, he asked everyone to hear his voice and to inform others about his situation.He says, because of long time imprisonment i did not know about mobile phone and internet and for the first ,i heard about internet from an engineer who was in prison and i am like a person lived in Cave.

Mr. Mohammad Nazari is in ward # 4 of Rejaei- Shahr prison in the city of Karaj.
"When arrested i was 23 years old and now i'm 42 and Mr. Mohammad Yazdi was the head of judiciary . The day i was arrested ,i was at my sisters home in the city of Bukan and they alleged that i'm a member of Kurdestan Democratic Party and  the judiciary did not allow me to hire a lawyer to defend me and in a kangaroo court they sentenced me to life imprisonment. I spent the first 9 months of my imprisonment at the ministry of information jail and the rest at Rejaei-Shahr.
During imprisonment several time Mr. Nazari went on hunger strike and one time he sewed his lips. He says he wont forgive the judiciary officials for telling my mom that,i will be executed and as a result of pain & pressure my mom have passed away. During imprisonment many of my cell mate were executed including: Khaled Shoghi, Hamzeh Ghaderi, Anvar Javanmardi, Salim Sabernia, Jalil Zivehei and other friends who's memories will remain always with me .........
More in Farsi.....
Link to this interview in Farsi:

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