Friday, January 17, 2014

Farzaneh Taheri Translator and manager of Golshiri Foundation : " We are Hopeful but Not Excited "

Recently president Hasan Rohani had a large gathering with Iranian artists ( Writers, film makers , musicians , actors , painters .....) and in that meeting few representatives of artists had chance to speak as guest speaker and they have brought their concerned issues and difficulties to Rohani's attention and then lastly president Rohani spoke and asked artists to create happy and hopeful atmosphere in the society. He also promised to solve some of their problems. Iranian are divided on this meeting and one side did criticized artists meeting with Rohani.
Ms. Farzaneh Taheri is the translator and manager of the" Golshiri Foundation " , and on this issue she said:
"I see this meeting as a prescribing type of meeting and prescribing type of look to the art has negative effect on art and it has damaged us for many years and i don't agree with it ."
On Rohani's request from artist to create happy and hopeful environment for people ,she said:
"What the artist want to write is something else but you should bring hope among people with your actions."
She added:
On the outside condition, i learned to be less hopeful and this way the damage is less.We are hopeful but not excited ." 

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