Friday, January 10, 2014

Iran, Not For All Iranian !!!????

An Iranian Student from Belgium who have recently returned to Iran was arrested by the agents of the Ministry of Information and thrown in to jail , despite of President Rohani's call from all Iranian abroad who have not comited crime to return to Iran.
Mr. Hamid Babaei is a phd student in Belgium ,he returned Iran and was arrested ,interrogated and was sentenced by kangaroo court of judge Salavati to six years imprisonment , he is accused of espionage and colaboration with enemy countries.
Enemy countries!!!??????
Is Belgium an enemy country? Or is all European countries enemy countries????
For us Iranian , These kinds of Charges are all bogus and political.
We the Iranian are used to this ......But the question is ...why we tolerate this religious regime
for more longer?
Old classic religious style of Iranian families are no longer in place in Iran and the young generation have experienced the hard way of what a religious regime / a despot mean to them now?
If in 2009 the middle class / students and youth were involved in the popular uprising ,the next will involve the poor or poverty driven people and this regime won't be able to resist in front of such movement . But ,regime like a quail putting its head into the snow/sand and feel knows everything and can control if such movement come along with public grievances.
So, these type of arrest ,interrogation and jails or convictions in a kangaroo style Islamic regime court is understandable.

Mr. Babaei is a very smart student , he has returned to Iran together with his family to visit his family members in Iran and was summoned by the Ministry of Informatio and was asked for collecting news from other students in Belgium and cooperation with the Ministry of Information.
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