Sunday, January 05, 2014

Political prisoners of ward 350 in Evin prison chanted death to dictators......

According to news, last Monday political prisoners of ward 350 in Evin prison in a protest against the transfer of four prisoners (who were security agents of the Islamic Republic) to ward 350, demanded these prisoners to be removed from ward 350, but prison officials instead threw four protesting political prisoners into the solitary confinement. These prisoners(formerly security agents) upon arriving into the ward 350 had created tension by chanting slogan against political prisoners and fighting with them and prison official had promised to remove them in five days but instead decided to let them stay in ward 350 and this created more unrest in ward 350.

Those political prisoners who were sent to solitary confinement ward 240 were: Emad Behavar, Behzad Arabgol,Hasan Asadi Zeidabadi and Ali Kazemzadeh . Mr. Javad Momeni the head of Evin prison threatened the political prisoners to exile and told them it is the decision of judiciary officials to let the ministry of information's prisoners ( the agents ) to stay in ward 350.
Up until now ,there is no news about the four political prisoners who were transferred to solitary confinement.  

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