Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Eauropean Representative in Tehran Gave the EU Sakharov Prize to Lawyer and Human Rights Defender Nasrin Sotoudeh and Jafar Panahi the Iranian Film Maker......

Picture shows Jafar Panahi and Nasrin Sotudeh receiving their award from European representative.
European Parliament Representative at Greek Embassy in Tehran gave their award to two former Iranian political prisoners , Lawyer Nasrin Sotudeh and Film Director Jafar Panahi for their efforts for Human rights .
The Sakharov Prize were given to them in the past ( 2012) but they were in prison and unable to receive the award.
The fundamentalist Islamist media criticized the European representatives and the award and the Government of President Rohani for letting this to happen , because the fundamentalists believe the pair were part of " sedition" during the Bloody presidential coup in 2009.
The fundamentalist media including Fars News Agency ( Sepah's media) wrote: "This act put the authority of Iran as a country under question. Now the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the parliament should respond how this has happened ?

Ms. Nasrin Sotoudeh also gave a hand made gift she made while in prison to EU representative/


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