Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Today is December 10 the world international day of human rights and it is a memorial day to say goodbye to Nelson Mandela !

More than 90 world leaders are gathered in Johannesbourg for a memorial day and to say goodbye to a man who was greater than the world. A man with principle and dedication ,a man with ideal desire for human welfare around the world and peace, a man who paid the price with 27 years imprisonment just because of his humane beliefs.
On this Dec.10 the international Human Rights Day, lets follow the foot steps of Nelson Mandela and keep Mandela's spirit in our soul and work on his ideals. Let's carry his torch.
Mandela was a true leader not only for South African but for the people around the world .  People around the world loved to have a true leader like Mandela .......Not like Sadam, Ghadafi, Khamenei, Mubarak , George Bush or ...........
Viva Mandela ..........

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