Wednesday, December 04, 2013

To Stop Execution in Iran ? All Iranian must stand against the Executions !

Its time that all Iranian to stand against public and non-public execution in Iran . To show their opposition , Iranian people must stand united against public hanging and execution .

Mr. Karim Dahimi on speaking with BBC Farsi said that; Islamic regime in Iran executed four Iranian Arabs from " Shadgan" in the South -Western part of Iran. According to the families of these four Iranian-Arabs ,the regime officials told them of the execution and the burial but not the location where they were buried. Those executed were in Karoon prison in the city of Ahwaz and they are:

Ghazi Abasi, Abdolreza Amir-khanafereh, Abdolamir Majdami and Jasem Maghdampanah.
Sepah accused these four on charges of creating a militant group namely " Katibeh Ahrar" and breach of National Security and some other charges. They have been in prison for the last three years and were sentenced to death in a two hours circus court.

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