Wednesday, November 27, 2013

At Least 45 Facebook users are arrested in "Velenjak" area of Tehran .....

According to reports , disciplinary forces of the Islamic regime in Iran arrested 45 Facebook users in " Velenjak " area. Those arrested are 24 women and 21men. One of the regime website known as " Dana " wrote; through Facebook and as friends the group were organizing a rally around " velenjak area.
Regime has created an unbearable atmosphere for internet users in Iran , the internet using in Iran is from minimum to zero and sometimes the speed is so very much slow that,the internet users almost give up the interest to internet.
The hands of regime's agents and forces are open to restrict internet and to arrest internet users on whatever bases of Islamic Sharia laws and under so called "national security".
In the past 50 Iranian were arrested in a " water game" in the city of Karaj also in a party called through Facebook 30 people were arrested in the city of Noushahr , it was also in the report that 8 internet users were arrested in the city of Rafsanjan with an order by city prosecutor.
Link to this news in Farsi:

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