Monday, November 18, 2013

No permission for Frouhar's children to hold Memorial Day for their murdered parent !


Parastoo Forouhar daughter of murdered Darioush Forouhar and Parvaneh Eskandari ( Murdered at their home with knives by agents of the ministry of information 15 years ago) who currently live in Germany on speaking with Khodnevis website said: Every year i travel to Iran on the eve of my parents tragic death( memorial day) just to be in Iran , in that house ,although the regime won't allow me to hold a memorial day for them.  .No justice for my parents and the murderers got promotions.
Her passport was taken away by the agents of the ministry of information when she arrived at Khomeini International Airport.
She added:
"I met with ministry of information officials and asked for a permission to hold a memorial day , the official told me, you can only hold the memorial at home with close relatives and not members of counter revolutionary political groups, which means not even my parents colleagues and party members....... "

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