Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What a regime ?

News coming from Iran indicate that, after the last months attack to the homes of 14 Bahai's in the city of Abadeh near Shiraz by regime agents and after interrogation of the family members and confiscation of Bahai books and materials ,the agents told the Bahai's in order to protect themselves from knives attack by city residents, leave the city or else face the consequences. According to Ms. Dian Alaei representative of Bahai society in UN -Geneva , agents of regime early morning of October 13 ,2013 attacked at these homes and told the residents to leave the city of Abadeh. They told these Bahai's , the residents of these city do not like you and may attack you and your children with knives while you are walking in the city . But Bahai resident says they did not experience any animosity of residents and their experience with residents of Abadeh is other than what the agents are saying. Ms. Alaei says, the reality is that,most of this plan of  attacks are the acts of regime agents and the people of Abadeh has nothing against the Bahai's . Ms. Alaei is saying that, more than 100 Bahai's are currently in prison and since 2005 more than 52 Bahai's were attacked and suffered some kinds of injuries in the streets.
Abadeh is a city between Isfahan and Shiraz and has 60,000 resident,it has significant number of Bahai resident.

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