Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On UN reports on Human Rights Issue in Iran ,Rohani's Government position stay the same as predecessors ....

Marzieh Afkham Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic regime in Iran in press conference on today Tuesday Oct. 29 ,2013:

On the issue s of Human Rights in the Islamic republic and against the recent report of Doctor Ahmed Shaheed the UN reporter on Human Rights in Iran she said:
The Sources of Ahmed Shaheeds are all has private motive( Biased / partial) .
The tune of Mr. Ahmed Shaheed in his report was milder than the texts / scripts published in the media.But the answer we gave was to the original report and it was on what was written .Unfortunately this report is following the political motive and the sources of this reports are biased . unfortunately the issues which was raised in the past about the reports on the answer to questions and ambiguity's were absent in the report and therefore it is regrettable that the report did not take Iran's situation into the consideration  and we hope this political and biased situation will change and we will see a report based on Iran's situation . The report also did not mention anything about the people's participation in the last election.

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