Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Iran need the Rule of Law !

Iranian must call for the reform on judiciary System and the rule of law! 
Protest must channel against the judiciary system and injustices!

In the path to a civil and democratic society , protest and demands for reform on judiciary system for carrying justice is crucial.

More than 100 years ago Iranian in constitutional Revolution demanded for " Edalatkhaneh"  meaning ( House of Justice  or Justice House) and Constitutional Monarchy. During this revolution the shah of Iran stepped aside and accepted to reform the system although late his son nullified the constitutional monarchy and announced himself as king and holds all power in his hand. Edalatkhaneh or House of Justice was during all these years was denied to Iranian. And the Justice system we had since then was all partial and influenced by political systems and Governments.
We the Iranian need this reform and a real judiciary system which is independent and not influenced by the system.
As long as we the Iranian have these type of Judiciary that we have at present time,the democratic changes is impossible. Democracy comes when there is a rule of law and everyone in the society or as citizen share or benefit the same and equally.
The current judiciary system is so corrupt and influenced by the political or ideological islamic system that makes it hard to carry justice in the country.


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