Sunday, October 27, 2013

News on the Saturday's execution of 16 Iranian Baluchi's ..........

According to news from these 16 people executed 8 were belong to the Terrorist group " Jondol Satan " leaded by Abdolmalek Rigi . According to report by Mehr news , the death sentence of all these who were hanged were approved while ago by judiciary officials. Mehr news reported the names of those were hanged and their names are:
1-Nazer Molazehi - Son of Habib
2- Mehrollah Rigi Mahernia- Son of Nazar
3- Abdolwahab Rigi - Son of Mohammad Reza
4-Habibolah Riginejad Shoreki- Son of Mohammad
5-Said Narouei - Son of Mirza
6-Hamed Vekalat - Son of Abdolhakim
7- Soleyman Miani- Son of John Mohammad
8-Ahmad Bahranzahi - Son of Golmohammad
These people were charged based on " Maharebeh" ( Battle against Islam) and corruption on the earth ( Fesad felarz) by membership to a terrorist organization. They were all hanged on Saturday.

9- Azam Gorgich - Son of Gomshad
10-Dawood Mirbaluch zehi- Son of Abdolrashid
11-Hasan Rezaei- Son of Mirza
12- Habib Totazehi - Son of Mohammad Akbar
13-Naser Shah Bakhsh - Son of Mohammad Hasan
13-Ahmad dahmardeh - Son of Khoda raham
14-Hosein Barahouei- Son of Feizmohammad
15-Najibolah Bahadori - Son of Amir
Were all hanged based on possession of heavy loads of Narcotic drugs.

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