Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mass public hanging continues......Do we or UN care what is going on with continued public hanging by Islamic Regime in Iran ? Islamic Regime in Iran hanged 16 political prisoners just in retaliation and revenge on the killings of its forces !

UN Must Stop Islamic Republic on Public Hangings ! 
Islamic Regime in Iran and the Epidemic of Public Hanging by Totalitarian regime and despots on staying in Power and creating the atmosphere of fear in the country!!?? 
According to Fars News Agency, 14 Border patrol officers were killed last night by terrorists and in retaliation this morning Islamic Regime hanged 16 political prisoners from that region!!???
ISNA news agency reported 14 patrol officer were killed 6 wounded and 4 were taken hostage and the terrorist returned back in Pakistan border with Iran.President Rohani ordered a team to investigate the issue and situation. ISNA also reported that, ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a protest by calling the Pakestani attache about the incident at Pakestani- Iran border.
Public prosecutor of the court of revolution in the city of Zahedan today announced it executed 16 political prisoners in retaliation  to the last nights killings of 14  border patrols officers in " Saravan " region at the south East part of the country close to Pakistan and Afghanistan. Mohammad Marzieh on speaking with the reporter said, the 16 individuals who were executed had connection with the killing of border patrol officers of " Sistan & Blouchestan " province. Mr. Marzieh said, this is a strong message to the terrorists.

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