Wednesday, October 16, 2013

President Rohani must create a Team to look into the death of a Kurdish student Sahar Choini !!???

Carrying Justice in a country is one of the most important part of a Government. Justice was and is  one of the most important demands of the Iranian people for more than a century. Since president Rohani is a lawyer himself as he claims he is, and he calls his Government as " moderation and prudence " , first of all, he should replace his minister of Justice Mr. Mostafa pourmohammadi who has past criminal records with another person and secondly, he should create an atmosphere in the country where injustice must have no place and no impunity for people connected to officials who  carry crimes against innocent Iranian people like the one happened few weeks ago in Bandar Abbas when a Bahai man was killed ( Reported in Iran Watch Canada). If president Rohani is for justice , he should create a delegate to look at all injustices happening during his presidency. For example :
In recent days a young Kurdish girl Nursing student of Hamedan University ( Ms. Sahar Choeini )was found dead in her room at the campus. Early report indicate she died as a result of a blow on her head but officials reported later she hanged herself in her room. This created anger and uproar among Kurdish people of Marivan city and Hamadan University student . 
Pictures shows Sahar Going to University :

Picture: Sahar's Room :

If she has been killed, who is behind it ? A Thorough investigation is needed to find what happened to this girl? People need response from the Government. It may be a plot by extremists against Rohani's government to create unrest in the universities !!???
This isn't the first time ....Time and time again this type of killing happened in Iran ,even during Mohammad Khatami's reformist Government which is known as " the chain murdering".
This pictures show people in Marivan carry the body to bury.

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