Wednesday, October 09, 2013

 The policy of Islamic hegemonism is what the Islamic regime in Iran carries around the world. Most of the energy of this regime is spent on policies which are obsolete and the Iranian people unfortunately have to pay the price for it. World have already experienced the period of middle age and the rule of religion and Church's and Iran also has already experienced the rule of Islam ( both Sunni and Shiite ) since 620+ AD .
Internal & external conspiracy as well as protecting and maintaining the status quo is one of the reason in preventing democratic movements to achieve its goal, meaning the creation of a democratic society in the middle East . Under the current situation both the ruling Islamic elite and the foreign oil & Gas companies share the same goal ,to sell ( As much as possible and collect oil & Gas Dollar ) and to buy ( Cheap oil & Gas and make more profit) . And continue the policies such as the issue of Nuclear energy and threat of Shiite against Sunni's and sell arms and keep the level of tension high in the region.
Who is benefitting of this situation? Dragging the talk on nuclear energy for years........and at the same time keeping the level of tension in the region as danger as it is now.
But , Iranian people have so many unsolved issues and freedom is just one item on the agenda.


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