Monday, October 07, 2013

In Recent weeks several political prisoners were released and several others were arrested and detained.....

1- The news had always been like this . By looking at the news websites,one can easily find out that if regime releases the political prisoners one day ,it also arrests several others the next days. This has been the trend for the entire 34 years age of the Islamic regime in Iran. This is because the judiciary of the Islamic regime is partial and political and runs by Islamic ideology and it become a systematic policy of the regime to act this way to intimidate the dissent /critics and oppositions. It is because it find it very useful for its regime to continue its political life.
 Picture: Arash Sigarchi
For instance, recently the agents of the ministry of information called Arash Sigarchi's ( A journalist -who is living in exile in America and work for the Voice of America) home and asked his parents together with his father in-laws to  go to their office for questioning . They asked his parents to tell to Arash to resign from voice of America and find another job for himself and if he continues to work for VOA, the ministry of information will hurt him even in America.This is an act of harassing  and threatening and intimidation to silence the journalist by inviting the parents to ministry for questioning or possibly arrest and detention. According to Arash, his family was threatened to confiscation of their properties and imprisonment and ban from leaving the country.   These acts had happened in the past on many many Iranian. We the Iranian are familiar with regime policies. Arash Sigarchi says: "i wrote a letter to Mr. Rohani and explained the situation because he is the president and he has studied law and had promised to Iranian people to defend their rights . I told him that, the ministries behavior towards my family and my in-laws are unacceptable and immoral and i dont want to come back to Iran and I have no intention to stop working for VOA and others, but these actions are immoral and illegal. 
Arash Sigarchi is an Iranian Journalist who was arrested in 2004 on charges of "conspiracy and activities against national security " due to critical articles he published and interviews with foreign broadcasting he had, he was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment but after spending two years in prison, he was diagnosed with cancer and was released on bail. But left Iran and is currently living in US and works for VOA .

 In the news.......

2- The managing editor of " Entekhab " website is arrested. Mr. Mostafa Faghihi was arrested today Monday and was transfered to ward 350 in Evin prison. He is charged with " publishing lies to disturb the public minds".

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