Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hasan Rohani Newly Elected president in Iran is in New York for UN General Assembly !

There is no doubt Rohani isn't Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In the past UN General assembly whenever Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stood on the UN podium many countries boycotted his speech.He also did not represent the Iranian people because he was announced winner by a coup against the Green movement candidate and leader Musavi who is now under house arrest.But Hassan Rohani has more than 18 Million vote of Iranian people with him when he attends UN assembly and Millions of Iranian hope he will take step to change the internal and international policy which would differ from the past 8 years disastrous policy taken by Supreme leader Khamenei when he supported Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the coup in 2009.Iranian people are divided on Rohani , some think its all same old stories but other optimistic and hope he will bring changes ,not only international changes but internal changes as well. So far ,he has brought some hope in internal & international stage. It is certain that, the Islamic regime in Iran could not and would not like to go to the same path as the past 8 years. The growing unrest and protest inside Iran due to economic hardship and devaluation of Iranian money , increase in food prices , inflation of more than 50% and unemployment of more than 8.5 million and so many other factors and continues Sanction and increased tension and threat of war in the international stage pushed the regime and spiritual leader in Iran to admit his policies and embraced a softer approach which the supreme leader called it earlier " Heroic Softness ". So ,Rohani attends UN with a green light by Khamenei to reduce the tension between Iran and US , but everything is being monitored by Supreme leader and fundamentalist forces in Iran.
Islamic regime in Iran , supreme leader Khamenei and president Rohani have no other choice , they must take this step to reduce the tension and reduce the sanction and save their Islamic regim ,they can't go the same old path as the past 8 years , which means more unrest in Iran and more threat of war with US and the west and more sanctions. On these notes Hasan Rohani's attendance to UN general Assembly is highly important for regime.

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