Monday, September 23, 2013

Islamic regime Judiciary Spokesperson: We Have NO Political Prisoner in Our Country!!!!?????

Prosecutor General of the Country Mr. Mohseni Ejeie in his press conference Said: "We Have No Political Prisoner in Our Country" !!!!!?????
Mr. Ejeie who also acts as spokesperson for judiciary said : There is a possibility for the release of other " Security " prisoners. Therefore, based on Mr. Ejeie's mind, political prisoners in Iran are the " security" prisoners. According to him, people who have protested against the presidential election coup in 2009 and were arrested and detained are not political prisoners but " Security " prisoners.

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Iranian people have to worry about their security and life when these kinds of people run the judiciary and act as prosecutor general of the country, and easily lie to people and media.
So, these people in the Islamic courts ( Pictures below ),arrested and detained after the presidential coup of 2009 are all " security " prisoners and not political prisoners ???!!!!


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