Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jila Baniyaqoub International award Winning Iranian Journalist : Will Freedom Sing Freedom Song for these Political prisoners too?

Jila Baniyaqoub an international award winning Iranian journalist who herself spent many years in prison and her husband Bahman Ahmadi Amouei ( a journalist) is also in prison , in her weblog " We Are Journalist" talked about political prisoners who have been in prison for two decade or less  and judiciary authorities won't bother to talk about them. She said: She do not know the names and the real number of political prisoners in all over Iran ,but mentioned few more names of these forgotten political prisoners and they are:

1- Mohammad Nazari ( political prisoner with more than 20 years in prison)
2- Omar Faghiehpour ( A political prisoner from Kurdistan - with 13 years in prison)
3-Ahmad Tamouei ( A Kurdish political prisoner - with more than 15 years in prison)
4-Ebrahim Hasanpour ( with 17 years in prison)
5- Osman Mostafapour ( With more than 23 years in prison and currently in Oroumieh prison)
6- Said Sangar ( a Kurdish Political Prisoner - with more than 13 years in prison - currently in Sannandaj prison)
7-Khaled Fereidony ( Member of Kurdistan Democratic Party - with more than 13 years in prison- currently in Rejaei Shahr prison)
8-Hosein Hamzeh Shoja ( A Kurdish and more than 12 years in prison)

Kurdish Women political prisoners:
9- Zeynab Jalalian
10- Ghadrieh Ghaderi
11-Emel Sheikho
12-Safieh Sadeghi

And these political prisoners with 8 years in prison:
13- Emkou Ghaderi
14-Ramezan Saidi
15-Naseh Yousefi
16-Mohammad Amin Abdolahi ( Tabas prison)
17- Ghader Mohammadzadeh

And these political prisoners with 7 years in prison:
18-Ehsan Tapez ( In Zanjan Prison)
19- Mahmoud Bedagh ( Qazvin prison)
20- Arjan Gheril ( Qazvin prison)
21- Omar Chapraz

And :
22- Zaniar Moradi
23- Loghman Moradi
Two cousin with 4 years in prison
And :
24- Habib Afshari
25- Ali Afshari
These two are brother and in death row - they are in Oroumieh prison.
As well :
26- Behrouz Ilkhani
27- Sirvan Nejadi
28-Ebrahim Eisapour
29-Mansour Arvand
30-Reza Esmaeili

31- Haj Karim Marouz Aziz  who is 80 years old -with more than 16 years in prison - Currently in Rejaei Shahr prison

32- Karami Kheirabadi with more than 16 years in prison and died in prison

33- Bahman Ahmadi Amouei ( Journalist ) and husban of Jila

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