Friday, September 20, 2013

Islamic regime in Iran an entangled / intricate setting ! Who has the Real Power in the Islamic Regime in Iran ?

In the News..... 1- Many human rights advocates and dissent opposition of the regime continue their call for change in the Islamic regime's constitution but Khatami the former president and a known "islamic reformist" in an attack to those dissent opposition tells them , the constitution is not socks that whenever you don't like it ,you will throw it away and take a new one!? He said,speaking about the change in constitution is a deviate topic. In the past some in the opposition had called for a referendum on changing the constitution.Mr. Khatami however about an article in the constitution on the "power of president" attacked at the fundamentalists in the regime who ask for limiting the power and responsibility of the president. The current political situation in Iran is that , now that Mr. Hasan Rohani become the president , Iranian people are watching him to see what he can and can not do?? !!!! And who has the real power in the Islamic Regime in Iran? If the trend become in a way that regime can not continue the past eight years of Ahmadinejad, then the years ahead must prove and guarantee the future Government by Islamic reformists and moderates and not anymore the fundamentalists. This is what worries the Iranian people ,the fear of yet another Ahmadinejad style of Government and Khamenei's support for them.!!!???? Link: --------------- 2- President Hasan Rohani is attending the UN General Assembley ,UN must put pressure on him to agree a visit by Ahmed Shaheed the UN Human Rights reporter on Iran to Iran .

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