Wednesday, September 11, 2013

News ........

1- The website of MKO ( Mojahedin Khalgh Organization ) reported that, Iraqi Government is planning to transfer the seven members of MKO to Iran ( Six women and one man). According to report, these members were taken hostage by Maleki and Qods forces during September 1,2013 attack on Camp Ashraf. During the raid more than 50 MKO members were killed. MKO believes, the Qods forces ( Sepah Qods) of Iran with a green light by Iraqi president Maleki entered Camp Ashraf and killed more than 50 high ranking MKO members and took seven members as hostage. Report says, at present , these members are being kept close to the airport and Maleki's Government planning to return them to Iran.

IRAN WATCH CANADA: UN must prevent this from happening and Transfer MKO members to a safe third country as soon as possible.

2- These is happening in Iran ...Islamic regime and its policy makers once again has started arresting women violating the Islamic dress code in the streets of Iran . In this picture ,women with black veils are the dress code officers , serving the Islamic regime against the Iranian women who believes ,it is their right what to wear , and it is no bodies business .......

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