Monday, September 09, 2013

Focus on Middle East ......Iran - Syria ....... NO to War.....

Mohammad Javad Zarif the Foreign Minister who have just finished his first official trip to Iraq and returned to Iran ,on a question about the issue of Syria told reporters that:  "Iran and America has exchanged messages and if necessary it will be continued."

IRAN WATCH CANADA: On the issue of Syria ,yes Iran was and still is an ally, but not like before, Division among the officials are growing ( "reformists & Moderate" vs "Conservatives & fundamentalists" ) . Islamic regime isn't as strong as before. 2009 election , the presidential coup and Khamenei's support for Ahmadinejad ( the charlatan ) changed people's opinion,this doesn't mean just the secular Iranian ,but the Islamists too. Islamists who have supported the regime for years are turning their back gradually to the regime of Khamenei. The regime in Iran is Khamenei's regime and not the people's , because he is the one who holds all the power,he is the supreme commander of the army and he does major decision making of the Islamic regime in Iran and not the Government. Fear factor for losing the last ally in the region ( Fall of Asad Regime) and the American Invasion of Syria and the possible involvement of Iran in to the conflict has increased the division not only among the officials  , the "fundamentalists-conservative" and the "reformists - moderates" but also the Iranian people against Khamenei's decision and bringing our country into supporting Asad and into an unwanted war.
The politics of the Islamic regime after the end of the cold war in order to expand its hegemonies : 
Try's to create its cells around the world most particularly in the Islamic states from South East Asia to Middle Eastern, Central Asia and Africa.
Try's to create instability in the world
Try's to muddy the water " To Fish in Troubled Waters"

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