Sunday, September 01, 2013

UN must send a team to investigate the killing & wounding of Mojahedin Khalgh members in Camp Ashraf & Camp Liberty in Iraq!

UN and  UNHCR must send a team of investigators to find out who were responsible in shelling and killing of Mojahedin Khalgh members in Camp Ashraf & Camp Liberty in Iraq. This isn't the first time , in the past members of Mojahedin Khalgh were also attacked and several members were killed or injured . The Organization of Iranian Mojahedin Khalgh claimed that  "Qods Sepah" ( the armed intelligent and Militia of the Islamic regime in Iran ) and Iraqi Prime Minister Maleki's Government are behind the attack on Mojahedin .
Reports indicate that,in this attack 35 high ranking member of Mojahedin Khalgh were killed. 

Mojahedin claims that, the order of last night attack came by Ghasem Soleimani the head of "Qods Sepah " and green light of Iraqi Prime Minister Maleki .
The National Council for Resistance , a political wing of Mojahedin released the names of leading Council of the organization killed during this attack as follows:
Hamid Batebi
Ahmad Boustani
Ahmad Veshagh
Ghasem Rezvani
Ghobad Saidpour
Naser Sarabi
Hosein Madani

Ardeshir Sharifian
Fariborz Sheikholeslam
Zakarya Pourmohammadi
Yaser Hajian
Hasan Gholampour
Giti Givehchian
Mitra Bagherzadeh
Jila Tolou
Fatemeh Kamyab
Maryam Hoeini
Majid Shiviary
azim Narouei
Rahman Manani
Hasan Jabbari
Said Akhvan
Hosein Rasouli
Naser Habashi
Ali-asghar Mechanic
Ali Mahmoudi
Ebrahi Asadi
Mehdi Fatolahnejad
Alireza Khoshnevis
Mahmoud reza Safavi
Maryam Rajavi the leader of the Mojahedin Khalgh who is currently living in France claimed that, the order to attack on Camp Ashraf was sent to Maleki 5 days ago by Ghasem Soleymani the head of " Qods Sepah" and were carried out last night until morning.
Ms. Rajavi demanded a full investigation of the case.
IRAN WATCH CANADA ,condemn the killing and calls UN , UNHCR & UN Human Rights Reporter Doctor Ahmed Shaheed for full investigation and reports to media . If the claim by Mojahedin is true, Mr. Maleki must be held responsible.

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