Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hosein Ronaghi an Iranian political prisoner is going to die inside prison and no one in the Government doing anything!

Hosein Ronaghi's an Iranian political prisoner is on hunger strike for 20 days now and as a result lost too much weight and his health condition deteriorated . Mr. Ronaghi went on hunger strike because of his health condition which need medical attention. As a result of
long time solitary confinement , his kidney damaged and despite of request from family members , no authorities paid attention to his demand. Here is what Mr. Ronaghi's dad said to the authorities:

"Hosein was a student of this country , he wanted to finish his study and work for his country, but they throw him in jail and he spent 13 months plus 13 days in solitary confinement and as a result his kidney is damaged , then they prepared a case for hime and now they wanted to murder him"
"The officials are saying they did not know about his health situation but they are lying , he has case file in two hospital . Doctors who have examined him said: 90 % of his left kidney isn't working and his right kidney is doing the other kidney's job and his right kidney is also infected. "
He has other medical issues to and as a result of hunger strike his life is in great danger.

Mr. Ronaghi's father said , he has been wondered in Tehran for 32 days and did everything but no one is listening and at the end he asked all the officials including judiciary and Mr. Rohani the president to look into this case and he said; he is doing all this ,because he doesn't want to be blamed when he passed away , and he called for a rescuer .......
To the authorities he said:
"It seems that the life of humans isn't important for the officials, who should respond for legal problems, dont we have the rights to live in this country? "

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