Monday, August 26, 2013

Magazines are continued to be closed with protest by "Pressure Elements" !

According to news , "Negin" a magazine published in the city of Kerman is closed because of alleged publication of a Satire known as " Where is the Foreign country?"  which became the causes of protest by " Pressure Elements" .
The magazine is charged with, insult to Holy believes and propagating against the Islamic State.
Mr. Karimizadeh the managing editor of Negin magazine in the city of Kerman and others involved in publishing the article are going to stand on trial by the court in the city of Kerman. These people will go on trial based on section seven of Article nine of the media law.
The " Pressure Forces " or  "Ansare Hezbollah" who are employed by regime in Ministry of Information in Basij , in Herasat offices , in Universities and ..... in every city's in the country acting in accordance with fundamentalist elements against reformists,pro-green movement and independent forces in Iran.  
In the past these pressure elements also demanded authorities to close another publication in the city of Sirjan known as " Pasargad" and arrested Hesamodin Eslamlo the cultural editor of the publication.


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