Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Public Execution just happened under Hassan Rohani's Government.....

1- News coming from Iran indicates of two public execution one in the city of Jahrom ( Name:Abdolhamid ,S ) and the other at " Ana Khatoon " district in the city of Tabriz ( Name: D. A ) .
This Savagery and Barbarity is happening at this time and age in the History of Iran , A country which  wrote the first human rights charter 2500 years ago ,instead of leading the world over human rights ,it create and shows Iran as a savage and barbaric country in the world.
And the Government deliberately orchestrate this shows in the streets of the  city' . People must look at the Government in their entirety like, what they think, what they say and what they do .
Link to the news on execution:

2- Last Sunday the Government cabinet Minister came together to a session and had began their work.
Yesterday Mr. Aliakbar Velayati the former minister of Foreign Affairs and current international affair adviser to Khamenei said that: On Very sensitive international issues like nuclear energy talks and relation with US,it is the leader who says the last word and not the government. This means the governments are just nothing but a puppet of Khamenei and Islamic regime in Iran.

3-  Mr. Alavi Minister of Information of the Islamic Regime in Iran said ,those activists who have left the country for fear during the uprising of 2009 ,if they haven't done any crime or offenses can return to the country and we guarantee they won't have any problem.

The Minister also spoke about the quality of the ministry and he said , we can export quality agents ......


4- It is happening under Rohani's administration:
The arrest and interrogation of a group of Bahai from a village in the city of Isfahan . The agents of the Ministry of Information together with officers from disciplinary forces entered into a house in a village called " Halab"- a district of Najaf Abad and arrested and detained three of the Bahai's :
Banafsheh Ferdosian
Afrouz Rohi
Masoud Vojdani

These Bahai's were taken to " Dastgerd prison" in Isfahan. Based on the latest news , Ms. Banafsheh Ferdosian is released on Bail but the others are still in prison. According to report,these Bahai's were getting together in the house to read their religious books and prayer.


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