Friday, August 16, 2013

Rohani new president , parliament and the cabinet ministers ......

When A Murderer becomes Minister of Justice !?????
18 member ( Cabinet Ministers )of Hasan Rohani's Government team were up in parliament for approval and 15 passed the vote of Mp's ,  among them Mostafa Pourmohammadi the proposed justice minister. Three other ministers didn't get vote of confidence. Since last Monday until late Wednesday the MP's discussed on issues around each proposed cabinet ministers and approved Mostafa Mohammadi as justice minister , that means Mostafa Mohammadi was portrayed as clean despite of his role and involvement as a judge in killing hundreds of political prisoners during the mass killing of political prisoners in the september of 1987-88.
His selection by Rohani as justice minister is a slap to the face of Iranian people who have lost family members during the mass killing of political prisoners. Mr. Rohani gave Justice Ministry to a murderer who instead should be brought on trial. Mr. Reza Fani Yazdi One of former prisoner who is lucky to be alive from those horrendous days and now lives in US , in an article told his own story and how he saw Mostafa Pourmohammadi sent many of his comrades to the gallows. In his article he named all his friends and relatives who were sentenced to death by Mostafa Pourmohammadi and few other judges known as " Death Judges" .
Many former political prisoners in a letter condemned this nomination by newly Elect president Hassan Rohani.      

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