Monday, August 12, 2013

Whats Happening in Iran? Is it time for Iranian activists to focus on organizing and mobilizing people for their rights instead of waiting changes happen from the top!

The selected cabinet ministers are up in the parliament for approval and the debates on Mr. Rohani's cabinet ministers has began from today Monday Aug. 12,2013 . The MP's have up to Wednesday to debate for the approval or denial of cabinet ministers. So far most believe that, 95% of the cabinet ministers will be approved and only a few ,one or two will have difficulty for approval from fundamentalist MP's . Khamenei has asked MP's to "chose competent ministers". Ahmad Bakhshayesh an MP and member of the Commission on the national security criticized Mr. Rohani's Government program, he said : " Your Government is the government of " Oldies" and their average age are 62 years old.Mr. Bakhshayesh a pro - fundamentalist added : "The system in Iran unlike Turkey( parliamentarian power)  and US ( Presidential power) is semi Presidential and semi Parliamentarian.He means these institution do not have full power to carry on the tasks without leaders say or approval on the issues."
Khatami the former reformist president speaking with journalists reported in ISNA said: "The president isn't the one who can do all the work." He didn't mention anything about the release of political prisoners including Musavi,his wife Ms. Rahnavard and Mr. Karoubi the 2009 presidential candidate and leaders of green movements. Fundamentalists camp insists that Mr. Rohani's Government should focus on Economic epic and not political epics. Earlier Khamenei in his speech asked the officials to focus on Economics and political epics. The fundamentalist officials from MP's to media and clergies believe that, Iranian people has already achieved the political epics with high number of people's participation  in the presidential election and its now the time to focus on Economic epic.
Picture: Fundamentalist MP's / Pro 2009 Presidential coup : Rohollah Hoseinian, Resaei, Kochakzadeh.....
When Ahmadinejad was the president he had all the power to do anything he could and he really did brought back Iran in every field ,but when it comes to Rohani, Mr. Khatami says " the president isn't the one who can do all the work!!!!???????
Why No one is talking about the release of Musavi, his wife Rahnavard and Mr. Karoubi and other political prisoners?
Why not focusing on Political epic and economic epics together?!!!!!
One week has already passed since Rohani took control of Government.

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