Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Coup d'eta Government of Ahmadinejad ended today !

Ahmadinejad's leaving the presidency ended with MP critic charging him with stealing the Gifts given by visiting dignitaries from Presidential Museum in Saad Abad .

Seyed Mohammad Pourfatemi member of Social commission of the parliament on speaking with ILNA news agency said: Several truck loads of Gifts (to president and Government officials ) was removed from museum in Saad-abad to an unknown location.
Mr. Pourfatemi said, It is much to be regretted if this news is true and Ahmadinejad must response to it.  
Today Saturday August 3,2013 the coup d'eta Government of Ahmadinejad ended and Hasan Rouhani took office. After taking oath ceremony by new president ,Ahmadinejad handed the presidential office to Hasan Rouhani.

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