Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ejeei Judiciary spokesperson: Iranian opposition in exile won't have problem in entering the country but can't leave the country !

Ejeei judiciary spokesperson in his 49th session with reporters:
" Those who had participated in the 2009 sedition and left the country won't have problem for entering the country but may have problem in leaving the country " ,said Gholamhosein Ejeei spokesperson of the Judiciary.
He added: " We never ban Iranian from entering the country,but because of crime they have committed, may face charges from the court and won't be able to leave the country. Those Iranian participated in the " sedition" of 2009 ( Participants of Green Movement in 2009 uprising against election fraud) if enter the country ,will be arrested right away.If a political party was banned from activities and its member decide to continue their activities ,their action is illegal and will be prosecuted."
On the case of Satar Beheshti (an Iranian died in prison)Mr. Ejeei said:
Satar Beheshti was arrested by " FETA " police at his home in Robatkarim on October 31,2012 and was transferred to Evin prison in Tehran but to continue the investigation he was transferred back to "FETA" police office where he died. From that date until now the investigator wants to find out whether he died on natural death or not!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? At the end the coroner could not say whether he died of injuries or on natural death.!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

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