Saturday, July 06, 2013

Newly elect president Hasan Rohani during election campaign appeared with a " Key " as his symbol of campaign and he promised his supporter ,he would solve the country's problems with this key.

Key to power or Key to openness ? We will see .......
Mr. Hasan Rohani the newly elected president in Iran soon will take office as soon as Ahmadinejad's term end.
During the campaign last month ,Mr. Rohani appeared with a " Key " as his campaign symbol. Key he believe will unlock most of the doors .

Now ,will Mr. Rohani open the doors of the jails and release political prisoners including lawyers,journalists,writers,bloggers,students activists , labor activists , and those hundreds of protesters arrested during and after green movement protest against Ahmadinejad's coup ?!!!

Will Mr. Hasan Rohani unlock the situation of Musavi , Zahra Rahnavard and Karoubi and release them?!!!
We will see ,if this key was anything but key to power.

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