Saturday, July 06, 2013

The Killing Machine of the Islamic Republic Continues......

Death Factories of the Islamic Republic....
See how Justice in Islamic Republic works..... 

On Just 14 days 44 Iranian most of them young were sent to the gallows in public or inside prisons in different parts of Iran.

The tragedy is that, many Iranian are drawn by regime judiciary official to these public hangings and sometimes parents take their children to these stages and judiciary official think ,public hanging will bring fear among Iranian and eventually it will decrease the crimes from society .

Most of those sent to the gallows in public hanging are convicted to drug charges , sexual assaults and murder and are young including teenage boys or few girls.

In the past the judiciary official had announced that, they would stop public hanging - but it is continued anyway.
Organizing the public against these barbaric actions of public hanging could result a major anti regime and judiciary movement in Iran and will force regime to back off from these barbaric actions. Civil rights or human rights group including cultural and social group must start mobilizing public when New president Rohani took the office.



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