Thursday, July 04, 2013

Change in Egypt and the rest of the story........

The experience of Islamic regime in Iran is right before the eyes of the moslems around the world. Moslems around the world- most particulary the young moslems at the time of information technology by one click can find the info they need. Iranian revolution in 1978-79 and the coming of the era of Islamic regime in Iran - The political Islam and the changes in politics - society
and culture opened the eyes of the Iranian moslems and the world . When Irania ousted the Shah in 1978-79- they ended dictatorship for freedom - democracy and justice - they are facing the same agenda today and the past two major uprising during this regime - each ten years apart -  showed the people want to end this islamic regime with a democratic one. The Islamic regime in Iran is the number one enemy of open society and womens rights.Women in this kind of regime are deprived from their basic human rights for example : What kind of dress they must wear daily .

All of these kinds of experience is before the eyes of Egyptians and all moslems in Middle East and elsewhere in the world.
Islam must stay away from political power . Egyptian people decided not to go through the experience of Iranian people and not to experience the experience and this is good.
People in the middle east must continue their way out of these current undemocratic regimes and bring changes in their society and countries.


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