Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Free These " Dervishes " ! A total of 56 years imprisonment to these "Dervishes !!!???

Seven Gonabadi Dervishes are still in prison by Islamic regime in Iran . They were sentenced by Judge Salavati from branch number 15 of the court of Revolution.

1- hamid reza Moradi - 10 years and six month imprisonment
2- Reza Entesari - 8 years and six months
3- Mostafa Daneshjou ,
4-Farshid Yadolahi Farsi
5- Amir Eslami
6- Omid behrouzi
7- Afshin Karampour
Each to seven and a half years imprisonment.

Mr. Rohani the newly elect president today said - If he take the office , He will work on 5 Million unemployed Iranian -
Well thats a good plan and everyone knows that can't be don quickly and it will take time- Iranian has a proverb it says:
"Looking to find a bigger stone to hit, itself means no hitting at all ."
IRAN WATCH CANADA: If you took office , Please order the release of political prisoners which is not a big and long term task .

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