Monday, July 08, 2013

50 young boys & girls are arrested and detained by Islamic authority in Iran on charges of gathering and playing water in a park at summer!

Young Boys & Girls , Playing Water in Summer can result you ending up in Jail!!!!!!??????? 

Islamic authority in the city of Karaj arrested 50 young boys and girls on charges of gathering in a park and playing water in a hot summer in Iran.

Every year in summer young boys and girls organize event like water playing in park . This year in " Iran Zamin Park" at Azimieh district of Karaj city ,these young boys and girls were playing water when the NAJA police forces arrested 50 of them and detained them in one of their detention facilities . The parents of these detainees started protesting the arrest and remained outside of the detention center up until 12 midnight.
This isn't the first time happening ,in the past years Islamic authorities acted same policies against young boys and girls playing water.
IRAN WATCH CANADA: Violation of Basic Human Rights , What else can you call it???

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