Sunday, July 21, 2013

Islamic regime in Iran with its destructive and divisive policy ruined everything in Iran including the film industry and film makers!

Watch the film - Iranian Film makers united against closure of the " House of Cinema " by ministry of Culture & Guidance.
See the film by clicking on the website - at the bottom of the page:

Ministry created a quasi House of Cinema ( House of Cinema #2) and installed Mr. Kaseh Saz as their leader . The Iranian independent film maker gathered in front of their house of cinema in protest against the closure.
The Islamic Regime in Iran and its ministry known as Ministry of Guidance & Culture together with its " Herasat " members ( Informers- Eyes and Ears of the Ministry of Information in Every Government Ministries and offices) have ruined everything by their policies during these 35 years of ruling in Iran, including the independent Iranian movie industry. The " Herasat " members of the Ministry of Guidance recently in a move at night closed the "  House of Cinema" in Iran. The House of Cinema ,a syndicate of film makers and film players was open for years,but under conservative policy of the Ministry of Guidance, this independent organization was closed like many other independent organization including lawyers association and the office of Human Rights Defenders Association.
Iranian Film Makers and film actors are under constant threat ,pressure ,censorship and sometimes arrest and imprisonment like the international award winning film maker Jafar Panahi who is in prison and was banned leaving Iran and banned making film.

Now, The Ministry of Guidance created its own " House of Cinema #2" . The members of House of Cinema #2 support Ministry policies and the ministry is using these members against the members of independent film makers the "House of Cinema". After closing the " House of Cinema", the ministry organized members of the " House of Cinema#2" to confiscate the property of the " Hose of Cinema" ,but the independent film makers gathered in front of their House and did not allow the pro ministry film makers to enter into their house.
The Experience of "Islamic regime" in Iran not only for Iranian people but for moslem people and countries around the world ,is a great lesson learned and understood , particularly in Iran ,although with great cost ,but must go forward until its regime is brought down by its people ,because this regime has failed by its policies ,the policies which brought division among every sectors of the society ,including Cinema makers.

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