Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Masoud Shafiei the lawyer of three American Mountain climber is interrogated again

Newly Elect President and the Iranian Lawyers who defend Human Rights in Iran ! 
Masoud Shafiei is the Iranian lawyer who have become the defense lawyer for three American Mountain Climber who were arrested and detained and were later freed and left the country .
A source close to International Campaign for Human rights in Iran said:    20 days ago Masoud Shafiei was interrogated again by agents of the Ministry of Information , his passport was confiscated and after 20 days the agents didn't return the passport.

Three days after the return of three American mountain climber to America on 2011 Mr. Masoud Shafiei the Iranian lawyer was arrested by agents of the Ministry of Information, he was interrogated and his house was searched and his passport was confiscated and he was banned from leaving the country.
This lawyer is threatened not to speak to media. He is having difficulty to find clients because of his case file and because the discrimination of judiciary system against critical lawyers. Lawyers critical to the judiciary system are eventually losing their daily function under Islamic regime.


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