Thursday, August 22, 2013

The regime in Iran is worried for another uprising !

Raising Iranian Society to an Informed and Able Society !
Change of political policy in Iran is based on the worries the authorities of the Islamic regime had and have from yet another unrest and uprising of Iranian people for democratic reform and changes in the coming future. Going through the websites and newspapers one can understand the authorities feeling . The acceptance of Change of political stage from radical ( Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Government) to a softer and moderate approach ( Rohani) , speaking more on the issue of " sedition" and their leaders by Islamic officials, devaluation of national currency , inflation of more than 50% , sanctions, international isolation , the issue of political prisoners, the issue of drug dealers and drug addicts , unemployment of university graduates ,the increase in number of opposition and dissidents inside and outside Iran and so many other issues forced the regime to accept the changes . Although the political structure in Iran is almost the same from regime to regime for decades but the social & cultural structure of the society is slowly but gradually changing in Iranian society and this regime is unable to respond to the needs of the society ,instead regime is adding up to the problems of the people by pushing them aside in deciding or dealing over their own and their country's destiny. Although the radical and fundamentalist elements or forces of the Islamic regime did not win in the presidential election but they are actively present in the system and can create an atmosphere of fear and slap to the face of people who ask for radical changes,  . Islamic regime in Iran in its entirety is undemocratic and is the cause of most of the problems the Iranian people face . Focusing on nation building by upgrading the social and cultural issues of Iranian society is what we the Iranian need. Civil society ,student activists, intellectuals, film industry's , artists and all other organizations as a group or individual must help raise the Iranian society to an informed and able society.

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