Monday, August 26, 2013

How Can We Forget These Prisoners of Conscience ?

It is in the news.....

1- According to " Mehr " news agency , Said Malekpour's sentence is changed from death sentence to life imprisonment. Mr. Mahmoud Alizadeh Tabatabaei lawyer of Mr. Malekpour informed this news to media today.

Said Malekpour is the Iranian -Canadian web designer who designed web which according to judiciary officials of the Islamic regime it insulted the leader of the Islamic regime , Islam and president.
Mr. Alizadeh said , the change in the sentence came because his client requested from authorities for forgiveness and he repented from his action. Said Malekpour have been in prison since October 2008. Said was continuing his education in computer programming and one of the website that has used his software was a pornographic website. Said was arrested by Revolutionary Guard known as " Sepahe Pasdaran".
Link to this news:

2- Political prisoner Hosein Ronaghi  and his mother continue their hunger strike in protest to Hosein's health condition inside the prison. Hosein is in his 18th days of hunger strike and his mom is her one week of hunger strike. Hosein was transferred to Hasheminejad Hospital due to bleeding of kidney / stomach related issues. His situation is called critical.

Hunger strike by mother is a least things a mother can do for her son who is dying inside Islamic Republic prison.
Do anybody care?

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