Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mr. Ataollah Rezvani a servant member of Bahai Faith is shot to death in the city of Bandar Abbas !

Newly Elect president & Governor of Bandar Abbas must investigate on these cases and report to the media!
Islamic Apartheid over Bahai , Sunni , Dervishes and other faiths continues .......Will Rohani create a delegate to look into these cases and report to the media?   
Mr. Ataollah Rezvani as a three member delegate  Servant of Bahai faith is shot to death in the city of Bandar Abbas.

Mr. Rezvani was hit by bullet from behind on last Saturday . His family member told to "Zamaneh Radio" that, in the past Mr. Rezvani was threatened for many times by Bandar Abbas city Friday prayer imam and Ministry of Information officials .

Also in the past , Mr. Miad Afshar and Iraj Maydani the two famous Bahai in the city of Bandar Abbas were wounded with sword /Machete by elements close to Friday Prayer Imam . And Mr. Iraj Mehdinejad another Bahai in the city of Bandar Abbas was murdered by knife a few years ago.
Mr. Rezvani was an expelled Mechanical student from university during Cultural Revolution and he was 52 years old . His family members are also under constant threat , interrogation and pressure.
Mr. Ataollah Rezvani was a Water pump salesman and the Ministry of Information official in the city of Bandar Abbas told everyone not to do business with Mr. Rezvani.

Who can hear and see these injustices and Apartheid in my country and not to go through pain and sorrow. Bahai, Sufi Dervishes , Sunni's, Jewish , Catholics, all are our countrymen & women, our brother and sisters and we have lived together for hundreds of years . The Islamic Regime in Iran and their Friday prayers IMams in all over Iran can say all the prayers they can but conscious Iranian people won't forget these apartheid and will remember what this regime did to our people and country. 

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  • It is useless to lament. We have to see what causes this much hate and why Muslims are so violent and evil. The source of this violence and hate is Islam. Muslims who follow the examples of their prophet become violent. Muhammad was a thug, a murderer. Any Muslim that follows him becomes like him. Let us pull our heads out of the sands of denial and read the bloody biography of this thug. He was no prophet of God. Truth and only truth can save us.

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