Friday, August 30, 2013

Khavaran Cemetery , Commemoration on the 25th year ........

Anoushirvan Lotfi's mom is the symbol of "Khavaran mom's", mom's who have lost their son's or daughters in the Mass execution of political prisoners in the summer of 1987-88 and buried in Khavaran Cemetery by the Islamic regime. Mrs. Forough Tajbakhsh is Anoushirvan's mom,
she spent her life from year 1970 ( During the regime of Shah) around the prison and from 1987-88 ( During the Islamic regime)around the cemeteries . Her son Anoushirvan was one of thousands of Iranian political prisoners who were executed in mass by Islamic regime without proper lawyer and trial. Mrs. Tajbakhsh since that time stood for justice on the case of Khavaran.
Many of her colleagues passed away but the torch is still going hand to hand and the fight continued for justice for these mothers.

In a message she wrote on the 25th commemoration we read:
Greeting to you Khavaran and to your soil and to all those who are put to sleep under your soil,
You have taken our loved ones and kept their bodies for 25 years,
In a place where ,there are no names, no sign's and is covered with weeds and thorn's,  
But one day ,we will make this place like a rose Garden, and it will become,
Yes, 25 years have passed , and how fast it has gone, 
but what went on us (the family members) , we know , 
ok, we have tolerated all and will tolerate ,
but hoping for the freedom one day 
and a better future for the people of this land.
Anoushirvan's mom
August 30,2013
In another news ,
Like previous year the
Security forces have prevented family members to gather in Khavaran Cemetery to commemorate and summoned them. Mansoureh Behkish one of family member reported about the summons.

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