Sunday, September 08, 2013

Middle East Countries & Democracy .......

The problem in the Middle Eastern countries is that, It was and it continue to run by king, Leader and life time presidents Like Shah of Iran , Khamenei , Sadam Hosein , Ghadafi , Asad , Mobarak , Saudi's King Faisal and....... instead of letting all the political parties including communist,socialist ,Liberal and so on to freely participate in the election.
1-Picture: Shah of Iran
2- Khamenei ,leader of the Islamic regime in Iran

On the situation of Iran, the goal of the revolution of 1978-79 was that,all the political parties be free and people of Iran to chose what party they wanted to run the Country, unfortunately Khomeini betrayed the people and created one man state like the former regime of the Shah. These kind of regimes won't help solve the problems people face in their country. The Middle Eastern society needs openness, Freedom & democracy. We the people of the Middle East don't understand ,why revolution after revolution and regime change ,we go back to where we started? Like Iran , Iraq , Egypt , Libya ,Tunesia and now Syria ..... Although the situation of each country differs. And the intervention of western countries because of their interest ,most specially the OIL & natural GAS is our biggest problem , NO wonder why after so much uprising and so much martyrdom we go back to square one. We hear about Evolution and not revolution, or , Gradual change and not a magic pill to solve the problem , or  we need to upgrade the socio-cultural & political structure of the country, the creation of civil -non governmental organizations. That each one of Middle Eastern to create his or her family as a non governmental organization or few friends circle to work on one particular civil rights tasks.  One other major problem we have is the religious - conservative structure of the society and unfortunately the one man rulers and western countries helped keep this tradition and helped the religious industries to expand in the Middle Eastern societies, instead of helping the building of democracies.
Iranian revolution came and gone, the Arab Spring came and gone and Middle Eastern people wonder how to approach in order to arrive to a democratic society.

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