Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Khamenei's Islamic regime , Rohani's Islamic Government .......

 You want to have Islamic Regime in Your Country ? Read This or ask Iranian women about it......
Bothering , arresting women for allegedly violating dress code in the street and detaining them continues in Rohani's so called moderate Government.
This picture shows Narges Mohammadi one of Iranian prominent human rights defender and vice president of the Association of Human Rights Defenders in Iran . She is dressed in green and is among many Dress Code patrol women Officers ( with Black Veils) as well as men officers.

In a letter of protest , she wrote to the minister of interior , she said:

"On last Saturday ,i was with my two children going to attend to a Socio- cultural event at " Milad " Tower. when an officer stopped me and told methat i can't get in and cant attend the event due to my "Hejab" or dress code . "
"This came to my  surprise and i looked at myself and laughed, i had a large bandana not only covering my hair but it also covered my shoulder , and i had a wide cover all green dress which covered my black skirt , which was down below my knees, and a black stocking which covered my entire legs, may be if someone had looked very carefully could only see an span of my bare feet which were inside the stocking and shoes. Anyway my entire body was covered. I tried to speak with officers and to convince them , but the officers were threatening me and telling me take a walk . I asked one of the officer, Mr.,  Is my body not covered ? Is it because my hair can be seen? Is it because my dress is tight? or is it because my skirt is short? The officer said , no , but we won't let you get in , i didn't give up and continued to speak with them and to convince them that their action is unacceptable and there is no logic with their action.My effort was without result. One of the person came forward and told me that i your hejab has problem, and then a young man who had a camera as an expert came forward and told me that , wearing support stocking is illegal. Hearing the word of law , i laughed and cried as well , I told to that young man, see brother , the stocking that i'm wearing is the thickest stocking in the world and in Iranian Market, I said , what is the problem? he said , i don't know , it is illegal, then i asked him, when this law was imposed? And then i saw Ms. Mohtashami -Pour was coming toward me and asked the officers ,what is going on? One of the officer was taking picture in close range from me and i protested , then all of a sudden an officer who seemed to be their commander called for my arrest , my protest and Ms. Mohtashamipour's protest we walked away from the scene, while my children were crying and fighting back. "
This is the policy of the Islamic Hejab in the street of Iran , whether it is Ahmadinejad's Government of Rohani's Government ? It's a policy and Iranian women suffers most from this kind of regime.

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