Thursday, September 12, 2013

Iran’s assets in Canada include more than $2.6-million held in 13 different bank accounts, Ottawa reveals

 |  | Last Updated: 13/09/10 1:36 AM ET

 The Embassy of Iran on Metcalfe St. in Ottawa after Foreign Minister John Baird announced, diplomatic relations between Canada and Iran have been suspended.Wayne Cuddington / Ottawa Citizen
The federal government says Iran’s non-diplomatic assets can be awarded to terror victims, while diplomatic assets are protected under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and therefore cannot be awarded. But the matter is still before the Ontario courts.
The release of the highly unusual list was portrayed by officials as an attempt to help victims hold Iran to account for arming and bankrolling an array of terrorists. It comes more than a year after Parliament enacted the Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act, which allows Canadian victims of terrorism to seek redress through the courts.
The law applies to victims of attacks committed anywhere in the world as far back as Jan. 1, 1985. Under the legislation, nations designated by Canada as state sponsors of terrorism lose their state immunity. On Sept. 7, 2012, the government listed Iran and Syria, opening both governments up to lawsuits. Canadian terror victims are now preparing suits but none has yet been filed. Two cases involving U.S. victims trying to collect damages are currently being heard in Ontario courts.

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