Wednesday, September 25, 2013

President Rohani and the Relation with US ......

The relation with US must be authorized by Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei. Mr. Rohani alone as president can't go forward to establish diplomatic tie with US. Rohani is a very smart and good negotiator ,because of his past diplomatic delegation on nuclear energy and he is pretty well established with international experience, however , Islamic regime in Iran willing to play on this card for a while , like the way they played the card of Iran-Iraq war to suppress the opposition inside Iran. Like the issue of nuclear energy ,this new topic of relation with US can come in rescue of the Islamic regime and supreme leader himself for his past 8 years disastrous support of Ahmadinejad. So, Cold war between US and Iran with the newly elect moderate president should not give this notion that, Iran is going to make deal with US soon , it may take a long process which may not even happen under president Rohani's four years term. One of the factor that brought all these changes in the Islamic regime in Iran is because of US threat of war with Syria and fear of regime getting into a war with US , not because Iran wanted to go to rescue Syria ,no, news inside Iran prior to the US decision to attack Syria shows otherwise ( Islamic regime authorities were divided on Syrian issue ). Therefore, fear have played a positive role ,or fear among the supreme leader's circle played a positive role not only for the Iranian but also for the world peace as well. After the revolution many promises by Islamic regime were postponed and the authorities pretext was that ,we are at war , so , Iran - Iraq war came in rescue of the Islamic regime and brought national unity against the Sadam's aggression. Dragging nuclear energy issue and this new issue of relation with US can also dominate the unsolved issues inside Iran. And Iranian people are tired of this games.

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