Wednesday, October 09, 2013

In The News......

1- The commander of Disciplinary Forces Esmail Ahmadi Moghadam on the issue of Mr. Khavari the Iranian Bank Melli boss who escaped to Canada because of  3,000,000,000 Billion Dollar Embezzlement said: The police in Iran had signed cooperation with police of Canada on extraditing the criminal . While the Government of Canada won't cooperate and at first did not even admitted this person is in their country at all, but after we proved of him being there , they have said they do not know his whereabouts , But we offered to  look into the case file together until this file is closed. 


Its been 50 days that Mr. Rohani  a " centrist " took office as president in Iran but in these 50 days more or less 100 people have been publicly hanged . The irony is that, while all these injustices going on inside Iran , Mr. Rohani seems keeping close eyes to internal issues and just focusing on long term agenda of the establishment like the issue of nuclear energy discussion and the Israeli- Palestinian issue and....

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