Monday, October 28, 2013

Violent Behavior by security forces of the Islamic regime towards political prisoners and their family members must be monitored !

Human Rights Organization inside and outside Iran with the help of victim of abuses need to monitor and report the violence behavior ( Physical ,mental abuse ...) of the judiciary , disciplinary , security or prison elements/forces against prisoners and their family members and by doing so , it will bring not only public awareness but it will also brings into the attention of judiciary and Government officials.
Investigation ,Documentation and report of even petty crimes of abuses as such by regime elements/ forces will strengthen human rights defenders in the society and narrows down and in the long term will minimize these type of abuses. Abuses against prisoners and their family members by Islamic Regime is nothing compare to daily public hanging but it is of significant in creation of public awareness and mobilization of public against these abuses by regime elements and therefore asking regime to respond.

In recent days Daughters of Zahra Rahnavard and Mir Hosein Musavi the leader of the Green movement who are in house arrest were approached by security forces of the regime to allowed them to visit their parents.During the course of visitation and security check ,the female agent asked the daughters to remove their under dress ,this happened while the parents were looking at their daughters , one of the daughter Narges Musavi refused to do so and as a result one of the female agent bite the hand of Ms. Musavi which created tension to their situation. This was happening while there was speculation in recent month that with the help of president Rohani , Musavi and his wife will be released ......

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